The unknowing mentor

I watched intently
My eyes In conflict, to not know
To not have ever witnessed, this which
Now unfolds before my eyes.

I’m beyond the age of a child
That seeks shelter in mother’s bosom
I’m beyond that of a young buck who has
Caught the scent & pursues his first love

I’m not to the age that my skin
Resembles the walnut seed
Not to the age where life has slowed to
Which would allow time to tend the blooms

I’ve witnessed many things,but what I witness now is beyond my grasp of what’s
Possible in this life, I’ve heard of
Miracles, seeing, & doing Godly things

My heart beats faster than the wings flapping on a hummingbird’s flight
I’m more excited than that of a young
Coming down stair on Christmas morning



I owe it to you…

Such profound beauty & benevolence
You are an Angel sent to teach us
I have witnessed to most beautiful act
Of selfless courage & love I’ve ever seen

Though I could never be you
I can change, I will change
You will never know nor see
But you are my mentor
I want to be like thee


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