Moon Flower

Dripping flower, covered in white
As soft as lips, reflecting the light
Mother is waiting
Perched high in the sky
She sees your beauty
She knows what’s inside
Show the whole world
How strong that you are
Stand up straight, stretch your arms
Open your heart
Let the light in
Mother is waiting
Your love,
Is the world’s gift

What if

What if,
    We forget the world for a moment,
  And the thought that noone cares.

What if,
    Our focus was set to recover,
  Memories of love & cheer.

What if,
    Life; simply put,
  Was more than money & lies.

What if,
    I said I Love You,
  Would you say it back,
Followed with; I Do To?


A dream

The dust that falls from dreams
Is scarce to say the least

Floating across the ancient sea
Not hiding, but yet not seen

Sparkling hues of gold
Reflecting the world you know

The dust will dance all night
Followed by the pale gray light

To see its beauty, from a far
Like watching a shooting star

A dream, this must be
Reality it can not be



I have no right,
Or good reason,
For the sadness,
That flares from within.
Maybe I long for a place,
I can’t remember,
Or a love,
That’s smothered in sin.
Maybe it’s change,
That I’m lacking,
Or the pursuit,
Of truth that’s buried in lies.
I just hope, the world can forgive me.
For the sadness,
I hold dear tonight.
I believe tomorrow will be amazing,
With laughter, and good intent.
The sky will be blue, not gray,
And the time will be heaven sent.
Tonight might be a struggle,
But tomorrow will soon be today.
So tonight, I cuddle with sadness,
And with hopes,
That tomorrow’s happiness,
Will keep sadness at bay.


My path

You were given a life to die for
In a time when all we do is fight
If heaven is truly the destination
Then the journey will be alright

I’ve clouded my judgment with self-loathing
Decisions were made from self-doubt
But life has a way of showing
The way in the darkest of nights

Money may not be abundant
Your wealth may come from inside
You walk a road of solitude
With fleeting memories of being socialized

If heaven is truly the destination
Then this journey will be alright
For the lesson I’ve learnt in a lifetime
Out weights the failures I hide

I now see the world evolving
From within the dark and the light
Both are just as important
For they make the day then the night

And I don’t want the world to see me
But I need them to understand
The path that leads us to heaven
Has always and forever be within


A Thought

The night grows dark
Like most dark nights
A thought
Consumes his dreams
The story untold
As the story unfolds
A thought
Brings the man to his knees
The fields grow tall
Makes the man feel small
As far as the eyes can see
Truth and desire
Balanced on a wire
A thought
Can truly be believed
The most high
Where the cherubs fly
Could it
Truly be
Behind the eyes
In a complex mind
A thought
So effortlessly
Trust and faith
Leave the rat race
For freedom
Is just a thought away
Look within
The sins of a man
This Truth will set me free



They watch as we choose life before death.
To fear the dark horse that lives in the past.
Cycles of life fall to the ground. Another step closer to the source of the sound.
Lies upon lies are yelled in the square, while the truth lies dormant in the thoughts that we share.
The watchers they wait with patience,
we dont have.
The time is coming for them to rise once again.
To sit and disgrace the lives of us all. To enslave the whole world and make us feel, oh so small.
How can we see them?
Who’s eyes know the truth?
The spirit that dwells within each and every one of you.
For darkness must come,
so the light can make way.
But the watchers are watching and waiting for their day.
To cause great havoc and death in the worst ways.
Stay strong in your beliefs,
and follow your heart.
For the ones who have courage
Are destined to fight the dark.
I hope your light shines bight in the darkness to come.
Others will need it to light the path that their on. 



Love may be time’s greatest fool
When the heart is broken in two
But, the child that dwells deep within
Will remain in love with you

Time may be the greatest thief
That life will ever know
But the time we shared will forever be The love I’ll always show

Child born of love, not war
Brings peace to the broken heart
Love may be time’s greatest fool
But time can heal what’s lost in the dark



I used to be torn
With what was and what will be
Now, I see the present as immortality
Death is an illusion
That preys on the perception of time
A friend that will release me
From the presence of my mind
Lost in the silence of the void that is
Reality is striken with a voice
That is not his
Lies upon lies
With a truth that does not hide
Pleasures unfold with colors and rhymes
Masks made perfect but not made to wear
Mirrors reveal
The love we all could share
Set into motion
Awake to the unknown
The sight that we’re given
Protects us
From what is shown