Monster In The Dark

“Shhh! comes from within the dark.”
A whisper follows;’Kevin, are you awake?’
A whisper, you’ve heard once before
Pulling the sheet tighter around your neck
As if to barricade yourself from him

Siloulet now inching closer than before
Closer and closer to you he draws
Terrified and shaking
You try to not make a sound
As you listen to your little heart
Pound, Pound, Pound

Footsteps they echo off the wooden floor
Inching his way further from your door
Go away, Go away you chant in your mind
Hopeful God will answer this time

Then out of nowhere you hear a loud,’BANG’

He walks with determination back the way he came
As the shadow moves further back to the dark
Your little mind rest,a smile is sparked
Quickly you do what needs to be done
You prayed, and said,”THANK YOU!”


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