I Love You

The moon shines down upon our town
In search of us both
She is jealous of you and I
She knows she’ll never have
What we have together
“Our Love!”
Our love is made from
The energies that flow through
The heart of the universe
She wants to illuminate our love
To steal the reflected image
So she can view it in the darkness


Do they gaze back?

Do you think the stars gaze
When their sun turns into night
Do they look outward through the haze
Looking for the tiny dots of light
Do you think they ask the same question
A hundred times before
Do they wait for the answers
Outside their bedroom door
Do you think they can see me
A million miles away
Do you think they day dream
Like me, every single day
If the energy of the universe
Flows through us all
Do you think they can feel my desires
Do you think they’ll answer my call
Maybe I’m just being greedy
A little selfish in my ways
But I really hope they can feel me
I hope they can help take this pain away


What I’ve learnt about life

I use to sit and wonder
What life was all about
Spent my days & nights
Wandering all around
Is it about the enjoyment
When I was playing like a child
To use my imagination
To know It’s all worthwhile
To know I was truly loved
When my momma tucked me in
Playing with my father
Then he huged me with a grin
Then the moment came, When life
Wasn’t fun anymore
I got a taste of death
It left me crippled on the floor
Sorrow moved in
Like a storm to the west
The death of my grandmother
Broke my heart, that lies in my chest
Then growing older,anger & envy came about
It fueled my life for many years
Until I decided just to kick them out
Happiness is wholesome
Sorrow is never good
Jealousy is dangerous
Hatred Itself; is just an awful word
By no means am I the wisest, man around
But I think it’s just about living
And enjoying all that life offers
Even, when the rain is coming down


Pale Gray Rider

You say your hope has depleted
Delusions you can no longer bare
But if you slip
Death could come find you
He could find you completely unaware

Don’t pray to pale gray horseman
Don’t pray for your life to end

For Death sits on his skeleton horse
Who rides in the scarce winds
He waits in the darkest shadows
He waits with decorum and a grin

Please don’t pray for the pale horseman
Though your delusions you cannot bare

The fire that once raged inside you
Is now glowing red Ambers instead
Ashes floating and scattered
Of the life you once had

Now praying for Death to take you
To the realm that’s hidden from man

Death travels through all dimensions
On the back of his boney friend
Draped in the cloak of destiny
A reaper’s staff in one of his hands

His touch is not like the touch of midas
His touch pulls your soul out, from within

So be careful of what you pray for
A wish that can be granted by Death
Midas turn all to gold
Your soul is gold to him


Destiny’s Curse

Conceived from the tears of a brief lover’s coral
Born to a world
Destined to inherit the fears & regrets That were never his
Living truths designed
To further tell the stories that consists Of lies & worries
To find himself alone
Despite, so many strategically Maneuvering In & out of his circle
A cruel game of chess being played by God’s
He will love, he will hate,
But alone he’ll March trying to find his place beneath the shadowed giants
Who enslave the dreams & freedoms
Of all souls that have denied them
Their great feasts of power & riches desired
With fate on his side he struggles on
Defying all odds
Destiny however, has wrote his name in death’s great book of lost souls
Knowing he’ll live, love, & die alone


The greatest band ever

The Moons up high in the southern sky
The clouds have flown away
I’m sitting by the water’s side
On a rock made of sand and clay
While sitting in my rocky chair
Time began to slow down
The stars became a little brighter
And the river lost its sound
A beauty I’ve never known before
Now before my eyes
Music I’ve never heard before
They played to me that night
The river gave the rhythm
While the trees sang the song
An owl was singing backup
The frogs were the beat
That lead them all
The moon was the spotlight
That lit up their gigantic stage
And I had a front row seat
To the greatest band thats every played
When the song was done
After the lights went out
I truly realized
What love for life was really about

R.K.H.   10/12/2021

Love is an anchor

To feel the pain of a thousands,
to see the smile of just one.
Keeps the hope inside me,
growing brighter than the sun.
To hear the cries of a thousand,
breaks my bleeding heart.
The laughter of just two of them,
starts to mend whats been torn apart.
Love can be the anchor,
that grounds us all at once.
Love can change our perception,
and that gives us a place to start.

R.K.H.   10/11/2021

This doesn’t have to be the end

The trees are softly dying
Their wilting, their crying
We lose more & more every year
The air is stagnant
Polluted with habits
We live in a fog
Filled with defeat & fear
Methane building, ice is meltingĀ  Parasites are being set free
All of this happening
Because of selfish greed
Diseased & hungry, but still we don’t see
Life cannot survive this way
We’re all softly dying, we’re wilting,
We’re crying, we lose more every year
We must change if the end is what you fear

“The world doesn’t belong just to us,
But it is still our home.
Prosperity doesn’t have to come at the cost of destroying our living Globe.”

R.K.H.    10/11/2021


Moon gazes down, at
Two howling hounds.
A crayfish, emerges,
From within the water.

An ocean view seen,
Illuminated behind
The path of the Fool,
Guiding him away from the pond.

Something in your life,
Just isn’t quite right.
A misunderstanding, maybe
A truth you can’t admit,
Secrets being kept from you.

This unknown, carries alone,
Anxiety, a need to know,
It’s a source for depression,
Causing insecurity & delusions

Message from the moon;’Rely! only on you’
To see through subterfuge
A signal will come, time to be strong,
Use courage to face your fears.

R.K.H.    10/10/2021