My path

You were given a life to die for
In a time when all we do is fight
If heaven is truly the destination
Then the journey will be alright

I’ve clouded my judgment with self-loathing
Decisions were made from self-doubt
But life has a way of showing
The way in the darkest of nights

Money may not be abundant
Your wealth may come from inside
You walk a road of solitude
With fleeting memories of being socialized

If heaven is truly the destination
Then this journey will be alright
For the lesson I’ve learnt in a lifetime
Out weights the failures I hide

I now see the world evolving
From within the dark and the light
Both are just as important
For they make the day then the night

And I don’t want the world to see me
But I need them to understand
The path that leads us to heaven
Has always and forever be within


A Thought

The night grows dark
Like most dark nights
A thought
Consumes his dreams
The story untold
As the story unfolds
A thought
Brings the man to his knees
The fields grow tall
Makes the man feel small
As far as the eyes can see
Truth and desire
Balanced on a wire
A thought
Can truly be believed
The most high
Where the cherubs fly
Could it
Truly be
Behind the eyes
In a complex mind
A thought
So effortlessly
Trust and faith
Leave the rat race
For freedom
Is just a thought away
Look within
The sins of a man
This Truth will set me free



They watch as we choose life before death.
To fear the dark horse that lives in the past.
Cycles of life fall to the ground. Another step closer to the source of the sound.
Lies upon lies are yelled in the square, while the truth lies dormant in the thoughts that we share.
The watchers they wait with patience,
we dont have.
The time is coming for them to rise once again.
To sit and disgrace the lives of us all. To enslave the whole world and make us feel, oh so small.
How can we see them?
Who’s eyes know the truth?
The spirit that dwells within each and every one of you.
For darkness must come,
so the light can make way.
But the watchers are watching and waiting for their day.
To cause great havoc and death in the worst ways.
Stay strong in your beliefs,
and follow your heart.
For the ones who have courage
Are destined to fight the dark.
I hope your light shines bight in the darkness to come.
Others will need it to light the path that their on. 



Love may be time’s greatest fool
When the heart is broken in two
But, the child that dwells deep within
Will remain in love with you

Time may be the greatest thief
That life will ever know
But the time we shared will forever be The love I’ll always show

Child born of love, not war
Brings peace to the broken heart
Love may be time’s greatest fool
But time can heal what’s lost in the dark


Hey, its me again.

To a friend long lost.

Hiding from the past reality.

I wonder about your forbearance

You distant me at the time of need

I’m watching your steps again before they get fades away

Please come back again. Come again.

-In the memory of Kevin Harp ❤


I used to be torn
With what was and what will be
Now, I see the present as immortality
Death is an illusion
That preys on the perception of time
A friend that will release me
From the presence of my mind
Lost in the silence of the void that is
Reality is striken with a voice
That is not his
Lies upon lies
With a truth that does not hide
Pleasures unfold with colors and rhymes
Masks made perfect but not made to wear
Mirrors reveal
The love we all could share
Set into motion
Awake to the unknown
The sight that we’re given
Protects us
From what is shown



Look between the shards of light
Deep within the dark of night

There, you’ll find a knowledge born
To mend your soul and mind that’s torn

Hold on tight to what you’ve learned
For the fire that’s buried will watch you burn

Angel makes you think aloud
While walking through a well lit crowd

Remember now who you were
And how have you come to this place on earth

Take back your right given at birth
Take back your throne made of dirt

Helping those who are in need
Stand and fight for the hearts that bleed



I danced with an angel
In the spring of 91,
Beneath the moon’s awning
With the beauty of the setting, sun
We twirled and twirled
In the sand with no shoes
The wind blew gently
As we danced to the ocean’s tune
The sun slipped away
By water not land
It left the moon glistening
Across the silky sand
Time can not stand still
For me or anyone
As night turned to day
But still, I remember
To forget, I can not
The time I dance with an angel
In the spring of 91



I see the gloom approaching,
Heaven’s gates begin closing,
The worms,
Dig deeper into the night.

Stars begin dying,
Moon no longer shining,
As the day,
Begins to shed its night.

Blooming flowers of destruction,
Waves of vibrational construction,
The ants building towers,
Of golden light.

The sun begins crying,
Sinking deeper into the sky,
As the moon refuses,
To watch or rise.

Clouds of forgotten wealth,
Suffocating what is left,
But life,
Will survive the night.


Beauty from the inner child

I love to write poetry. But while going through a bunch of old journals I had wrote I have come across a few that I had written 2019 during what I had believed to be a mental break down. So instead of trashing it I’ve decided to share.

I apologize for not editing it first but I fill this raw form just has more meaning.

December 2019

I see a world torn between single objectives. We focus to much on two many beliefs when there’s truly on one. And when we find ourselves clawing our way out of the pit we threw ourselves into. We begin to see things from a perspective that has been created by light for light. I have found myself inside this pit and I have clawed my way out but not alone. The greatest and most glorious thing that I have see is “GOD”. Ive seen and experienced things that has contributed to my personal transformation. I owe everything to GOD and all the angels who have been with me and those who still are. I do not know where I am going but I do trust and have faith that they do. And I will forever follow them and I will forever glorify GOD.

This world belongs to no human. This world is God’s and when we realize that we can begin to show him how much we love him for what he has provided us with. Everything we need to survive has been provided. But God is not the issue with the way thing are on mother earth. We are! We’re trying to hard. We’re trying to take control of everything instead of asking God for help. I assure you if asked he will. What we neglect is the fact that before he can help us we must first help ourselves. We have to be shown the truth. We have to experience what others have first. We have to learn ultimately to love ourselves and all living things the way he loves us before we can properly stand and fight. We cannot divide ourselves and expect to win the war. We have to unite and stand with God to win this war. We have to stand not only for one race but To unite and stand for all things being mistreated in his world. This is the only way to even move forward. Because every human, every animal, every tree, every river, every blade of grass, every bug. Everything we neglect is just as precious as we are. We create our own realities so the only way to change is thru ourselves as individuals.

I believe all mankind is beautiful and we are all given the greatest gift God could ever give. His love. Unconditional love. Acceptance for who we truly are. For he already knows. He knows what each one of us are capable of. He knows that our hearts are pure. He knows that its society and our own minds that have clouded our judgements and decisions. He knows each one of us personally. The real us. Our souls belongs to him. He has provided us with all of the best possible things to make life better. If we can begin to see things from a perspective that has contributed to our lives by any means we have become somewhat aware of what we neglect and will never do so without having a doubt