What A Drag!

So I always try to be as positive as I can. I don’t like to talk about negative things, well very often anyway. So to air the negative out I’ve decided to write about it.

Since covid has started I’ve been one of the lucky ones that have been able to continue working. My heart goes to those who were laid off, who had/have gotten sick, and to those families who have lost someone. It is all just sickening and tragic.

Tomorrow however will be a week of me missing work. And if you knew me, that’s easy for me to do. But I’ve torn ligaments in my leg and this morning found out I’m going to end up missing two more weeks due to physical therapy. I’m one that believes that it’s good to experience everything at least once, so you can keep an open mind to others. If all goes well I’ll not have to surgery. Fingers crossed.

I can see just after a week how hard it must have been on so many. Being confined does something horrible to the mind. Alone in the silence for numerous days. It just seems to drag the negative out. I can’t imagine how strong everyone out there is. Each individual out there who lived and made it through the worst of it, well you all need to smile because in my book your all heros. Stand tall and be confident in yourselves because there’s not much worse in life then to have to face the darkness that comes with solitude.

I do try to stay positive so I did write a little something for myself to read. To remind me that this storm to shall pass and I’ll be even stronger after the sun shines again.

Be You/Stay Strong

I believe you have a beautiful mind.
Independently woven through the sands of time.
Thoughtful and gracious you’ve proven to be. Destined for greatness, the end you will never see.
In your vessel you struggle, in your soul you do not. So forget what others say. Just be you, for it is all you got.
They say I write about rubbish and things that don’t exist, but my mind like your mind is a very precious gift.
So be you, the best you, that you can truly be.
I promise that happiness awaits beyond all the negativity.


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