I sit and wait to ponder,
what life really means.
I dislike thoughts that wander,
they sometimes jump like beans.
They say that in life there’s plenty,
but yet nothing stays the same.
So how can there be plenty,
if all we do is complain?
I wish my mind could process,
all my thoughts more clear.
One side is a tortoise,
while the other is the hare.
I may be different, weird, or
even just a little strange.
To ponder life’s true meaning,
isn’t easy, all the same.
There are those days, in my life,
I wish I wasn’t me.
To be normal for a day,
would be living life at ease.
To each and every person,
I pass out on the street.
I hope they don’t get to discouraged,
by all their own defeats.
Jump back in that saddle,
Stand up straight and tall,
Let the powers to be, see…
Your not afraid to fall.


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