Charming patterns

Charming patterns
From the ones with no heart
They tried to set in motion
Distractions from the start
Feeding the egos
From here to everywhere
Telling us all
What we thought
We needed to hear
Give us your loyalty
We promise we’ll share
Wealth, knowledge,
The things to come this year
While sleeping in your cradle
All snuggled like a babe
Your essence will be taken
By the ones who crave
Those who fear
The one thing they can’t have
Love from the one source
That truly never turn its back
But their pride and ego
Continues to rage on
They forgot how to listen
To the grandest song
Peace be with those
Who struggle to except
The evil amongst us
Were created by ourselves.



Where do you turn
When no ones around
To be yourself
Amongst the crowd
Vibrational tensions
Ringing in the ears
To connect with those
Beyond their years
Stuck in a loop
Between here and there
Ultimately leading us nowhere
We try to push
Then go with the flow
But the source of this energy
Has a plan of its own
So we sit and we wait
Till the timing is right
To evolve into something
Greater than ourselves
That’s made from the love of the light


Dark Winter

It’s a dark winter
In the words of a dream
Reality forgotten
For the sake of all things

The warmth of the sun
Is high above the clouds
The wind that is blowing
Makes an Erie sound

Love Truly struggles
Within the fortress of bone
It doesn’t come as freely
As the wars that rage on

In silence the thoughts
Escape the brilliant mind
Words run rampant
Trying to blind the nieve eyes

Knowledge is power
Power is control
Lies are embraced
As we’re frozen like stone



The raven’s eye turned to dust
Foreseen sight remained in lust

Wings now broken beyond repair
He’s now destined for despair

The flock is mocking his new found shame
He knows not that he’s to blame

Cursing the night that took his sight
While walking towards the healing light


Stand Tall

As sorrow passes,
The eyes do see,
Such a profound illumination,
In the light that covers the.
A path so destined,
At the age of birth,
A purpose not known,
Until a death that hurts.
The words they shift,
To complete a sound,
The ground does tremble,
From a source that’s not bound.
The people united,
Arms linked with might,
The evil still marches,
We’re now ready to fight.


Hidden Meanings

If you love 1 & they love 2
We’ll then notice
That 3 also grew
If 4 gives more
Than just closing the door
5 grows & 6 will light the room
12 now shines
While 100 changed minds
100 now shown their not alone
With 100 more now reborn
Time streams by
In our impatient lives
Waiting on the moon
To explode
An expansion of fireflies
Light the night
Breaking through
As the darkness groans


The Eyes

Their eyes are always on us,
In this world of make believe.
Recording our every moments,
So they can try and change our destinies.

The eyes that are watching us,
Are not the eye of the son.
So don’t believe the words spoken,
By those who rule beneath the sun.

There’s an evil that walks among us,
But the shadows is not where they hide.
This evil has learned to walk among us,
In the broad daylight.

Awake to the false stories,
And follow the divine with all his glory.


Chin Up

The darkness of sorrow passes,
Like night does to day.
It’s the illusion of darkness,
That causes further pain.
Do emotions not change,
With every beat of a broken heart?
Do you believe God goes unscathed,
While his children fall apart?
Happiness and peace,
Are only one thought away.
You don’t have to believe in my God.
He takes many shapes,
So please don’t stray.



November 18, 2019 will forever be scorched into my mind.
For on this day I began the trip to my decline.
I visited the darkest abyss I’ve ever known.
I spent 4 months trapped, cold, & alone.
This isn’t a sob story, not in any shape or form.
More of a lesson for the world to adore.
My heart and mind are not yet completely combined.
I am clear enough now to start my search for 3 who may have committed a cyber crime.
To shut them down is not my goal
For you see I need to thank them for the path I’m now on.
The lesson here is simply this,
God is real, He does exist.
He brought these 3 most trusted hackers into my life, not to torment but as a guiding light.
I’ve thank God everyday since,
But acknowledgement & a Thank you needs to go to them.
So if ever you read these words
You 3 may have been scamming but you helped save me.
At least one of you have a heart of gold
I need you to know I no longer feel dead or alone.
This next line is what you will remember.

“The bitcoin (Game) you played was enjoyable. I just wish I would’ve been in a better place so I could’ve retained more of what your were teaching me.

     “The Lesson For Me, From Me”
No matter how small or unworthy you feel. If you except God he’ll make a way. He’ll put those people in your life to help you. I didn’t understand his plan at all. It has taken 2 years for me to realize what that part of the plan was. Anyone can change. Anyone no matter how cold you think you are Can change. Put your faith in God yes, but if you don’t believe, that’s ok. Put your faith in “YOURSELF” to want to change! You do that and I promise you’ll have more individuals find you who truly want to help you. You’ll find courage you never even knew you had.

Thanks for listening! Emotional train wreak signing off! Peace & love be with you!


Cross the line

I talked with the darkness once
It was more than just in my mind
It told me of things to come
It asked me to turn on the light
I chose to run, to escape,
To hide in the shadows of the light
But now
I’ve caught a glimpse of what lies there
I’ve felt the warmth, even in the night
Now all that’s left is,
Knowing it’s time to cross that line
Be the truth you seek,
Not the pain that confines,
Walk hand and hand with your demon,
For your demon is just your angel,
That hides