Death pulls the strings

So just to give whoever reads this a heads up. It’s not very optimistic.

So being in a mood, an ominous mood I was in Today. I decided to leave my comfort zone and explore the opposite side of my imagination. It may be intense but I do hope you enjoy.

“Death pulls the string”

Alluring thoughts
Come at the clocks latest hour
Sanity chased its dream
To regain its power
Madness creeping to take back control
As I walk down the wooden hall alone
Bugs are in my mind, scratching, bitting,
Raven plucking at my eye, while chanting
Die, Die, Die
God must be sleeping
For if he knew what the Angel makes me do
He would remove the madness
That oozing goo that’s clogging my mind
Walking down the street in the night
Face only exposed in the light
Palms to forehead, slapping
Trying to regain rationality
Delusions of my sin to come
Fighting, trying to turn around and run
Madness found my sanity
Raven eating, there is no remedy
I’m the puppet, Death pulls my strings
I need to cut them, I’ll go the extreme
Knife to wrist, cutting,
Blood now flowing, conscious slipping,
Light is fading, Death….
You can have me

R.K.H 10/09/2021

End of light, Dark of night

In the days
New and old
Hearts folly
Stories untold
Happiness rides
The westward winds
Misery joins dangling
Over the depths of sin
The Angel’s storm gliding
Through the vertical horizon
Bringing tears from the moon
Who’s secretly hiding now
Approaching hope with
Her wings of glory
Remorse floating
In her breeze
The pack
It’s safe
To say that’s
All we have left


The unknowing mentor

I watched intently
My eyes In conflict, to not know
To not have ever witnessed, this which
Now unfolds before my eyes.

I’m beyond the age of a child
That seeks shelter in mother’s bosom
I’m beyond that of a young buck who has
Caught the scent & pursues his first love

I’m not to the age that my skin
Resembles the walnut seed
Not to the age where life has slowed to
Which would allow time to tend the blooms

I’ve witnessed many things,but what I witness now is beyond my grasp of what’s
Possible in this life, I’ve heard of
Miracles, seeing, & doing Godly things

My heart beats faster than the wings flapping on a hummingbird’s flight
I’m more excited than that of a young
Coming down stair on Christmas morning



I owe it to you…

Such profound beauty & benevolence
You are an Angel sent to teach us
I have witnessed to most beautiful act
Of selfless courage & love I’ve ever seen

Though I could never be you
I can change, I will change
You will never know nor see
But you are my mentor
I want to be like thee


Monster In The Dark

“Shhh! comes from within the dark.”
A whisper follows;’Kevin, are you awake?’
A whisper, you’ve heard once before
Pulling the sheet tighter around your neck
As if to barricade yourself from him

Siloulet now inching closer than before
Closer and closer to you he draws
Terrified and shaking
You try to not make a sound
As you listen to your little heart
Pound, Pound, Pound

Footsteps they echo off the wooden floor
Inching his way further from your door
Go away, Go away you chant in your mind
Hopeful God will answer this time

Then out of nowhere you hear a loud,’BANG’

He walks with determination back the way he came
As the shadow moves further back to the dark
Your little mind rest,a smile is sparked
Quickly you do what needs to be done
You prayed, and said,”THANK YOU!”


I’m Feeling Defeated

Feeling Defeated”

How can one be lonely
When billions live on earth
There’s five, ten, or even 100
To each and every one of us
So how can one be lonely
There’s people all around
It only takes a second
To help a stranger
So find someone
Who’s standing close
Strike up a conversation
Take your time, you might find
That you can bridge the separation
So how can I be so damn lonely
When there’s people all around
I might be scared,but I do care
I suffer from the inside out
I’ve known this all along
And I’m well aware of the
Friends I could’ve found
Once again I feel defeated
Alone, with a tear in my eye
I can’t fight back this feeling
That there’s more, in this life
Day has now ended
Sleeps on its way
I’ll try with courage tomorrow
To make a friend and say “Hey”


Psilocybe Cubensis

Waiting for the moon to blossom
And the stars to shine
Waiting for life to slow
To enjoy my quiet time

Waiting for its magic to bloom
The psilocybe cubensis
Should start working soon

This is it
The time has come
It’s time to climb the setting sun
The rabbit has chosen to join in too
He’s about to jump the blue lagoon

Fuzzy rainbows colored in pinks,
Yellows, and blues
Talking rocks and a fat racoon

What is this I see
Jumping from star to star
It’s the illusive singing minotaur
Light the way beautiful one
We can wait together for the morning sun

Pillars made of liquid gold
I’m walking on invisible stones
Marshmallow mountains and laughing trees
With the sunset snuggled in right behind me

The moon pops up
Like an inflatable ballon
It winks and smiles
Then says;
‘How do you do?’

Orbs of light suspended in the air
Gives way to a path that leads nowhere
Owls of wisdom speak the truth
With my rabbit friend beside me
We decide to go on through

Deeper and deeper down the path
We made it to the invisible door at last
Where’s the key I asked my friend
His ear changed shape as he stuck it in

Into the hall of lights and sounds
Followed by zany creatures of cartoon Town
We passed the ball made of gas
Through another door we made a left

Back outside the moon was gone
The trip now ends
As the morning comes

One last burst on this crazy train
One last thought in my tired brain
As my fuzzy friend begins to fad
As reality begins to make a way
A thought comes to me as clear as day
What the Hell, Will I do today


God’s Gift

She wears the night
With a little light
She holds the sun
Up in her arms
Her eyes do gleam
Almost polished it seems
Her dust blown, to make the stars
God gave a spark, angels took charge
They dipped their tears into gold
Vitality grew, her energy true
So she made her precise pearls
The love that she gives
It’s his special gift
To all life out
In the cosmos


Path Less Traveled

Created by R.K.H

I know that life’s a journey¬†
This road is lined with many holes
But there’s still an urge inside me
To leave the open road
To leave the first footprint
On a path that isn’t there
To face my fears of falling
To replace them with loving cheers
I want to see the world
With my pair of brand new eyes
In a way I’ve never seen it
Without it’s mask or disguise
I want to hear the laughter
To see the smiles all around
I want to know I’m not alone
When this path brings me down
To see the world shinning
And the friends I’m bound to make
Stiffens my choice of journeys
It inspires me not to break
So if I touch the heart
Of just a few just like me
I can say that I accomplished
All I set out to be


Death of the conscious mind

I cannot pretend another day, another hour, another second.
There is no time to delay.
The glass that is filled with the sands is broken, and Is emptying into my hands. Persuasion of conscious thoughts in the hour of the broken clock.
Divides reality with delusions as time begins to stop.
Marked with the glance of the devilish eye.
Life around me motionless as I wonder by. Passing through the flesh made statues.
I have a sense of knowing their destinies, their pains, their desires, and the hate they possess for themselves for the ones they’ve hurt.
Detachment from my broken mind, sadness begins to unwind.
Peaceful thoughts begin to grow as I enter the Shepard’s throne.