They watch as we choose life before death.
To fear the dark horse that lives in the past.
Cycles of life fall to the ground. Another step closer to the source of the sound.
Lies upon lies are yelled in the square, while the truth lies dormant in the thoughts that we share.
The watchers they wait with patience,
we dont have.
The time is coming for them to rise once again.
To sit and disgrace the lives of us all. To enslave the whole world and make us feel, oh so small.
How can we see them?
Who’s eyes know the truth?
The spirit that dwells within each and every one of you.
For darkness must come,
so the light can make way.
But the watchers are watching and waiting for their day.
To cause great havoc and death in the worst ways.
Stay strong in your beliefs,
and follow your heart.
For the ones who have courage
Are destined to fight the dark.
I hope your light shines bight in the darkness to come.
Others will need it to light the path that their on. 


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