Beauty from the inner child

I love to write poetry. But while going through a bunch of old journals I had wrote I have come across a few that I had written 2019 during what I had believed to be a mental break down. So instead of trashing it I’ve decided to share.

I apologize for not editing it first but I fill this raw form just has more meaning.

December 2019

I see a world torn between single objectives. We focus to much on two many beliefs when there’s truly on one. And when we find ourselves clawing our way out of the pit we threw ourselves into. We begin to see things from a perspective that has been created by light for light. I have found myself inside this pit and I have clawed my way out but not alone. The greatest and most glorious thing that I have see is “GOD”. Ive seen and experienced things that has contributed to my personal transformation. I owe everything to GOD and all the angels who have been with me and those who still are. I do not know where I am going but I do trust and have faith that they do. And I will forever follow them and I will forever glorify GOD.

This world belongs to no human. This world is God’s and when we realize that we can begin to show him how much we love him for what he has provided us with. Everything we need to survive has been provided. But God is not the issue with the way thing are on mother earth. We are! We’re trying to hard. We’re trying to take control of everything instead of asking God for help. I assure you if asked he will. What we neglect is the fact that before he can help us we must first help ourselves. We have to be shown the truth. We have to experience what others have first. We have to learn ultimately to love ourselves and all living things the way he loves us before we can properly stand and fight. We cannot divide ourselves and expect to win the war. We have to unite and stand with God to win this war. We have to stand not only for one race but To unite and stand for all things being mistreated in his world. This is the only way to even move forward. Because every human, every animal, every tree, every river, every blade of grass, every bug. Everything we neglect is just as precious as we are. We create our own realities so the only way to change is thru ourselves as individuals.

I believe all mankind is beautiful and we are all given the greatest gift God could ever give. His love. Unconditional love. Acceptance for who we truly are. For he already knows. He knows what each one of us are capable of. He knows that our hearts are pure. He knows that its society and our own minds that have clouded our judgements and decisions. He knows each one of us personally. The real us. Our souls belongs to him. He has provided us with all of the best possible things to make life better. If we can begin to see things from a perspective that has contributed to our lives by any means we have become somewhat aware of what we neglect and will never do so without having a doubt


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