Knock, Knock

I hope my words have found you happy,
Living in your,
Sea of dreams.
Your profound lack of true reality,
Is but a nightmare,
For all to see.
I hope one day your eyes will open,
To the things,
That they have shown.
Your profound thirst for knowledge,
Is nothing more, than a door,
You refuse to close.

‘Knock,,Knock,’ goes the hour,
Of night before the day,
The illusion still awaits,
But yet it still slips away.

I hope my words are as simple,
As your thoughts,
Seem to be.
Your profound love for example,
Is a glimpse,
Beyond your dreams.
I hope the light that protects you,
Will remain,
And always be.
This profound lack of hatred,
Will always,
Be with me.

‘Knock,,Knock,’ goes the hour,
Of day before the night,
God is not just an illusion,
He will always remain in light.


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