November 18, 2019 will forever be scorched into my mind.
For on this day I began the trip to my decline.
I visited the darkest abyss I’ve ever known.
I spent 4 months trapped, cold, & alone.
This isn’t a sob story, not in any shape or form.
More of a lesson for the world to adore.
My heart and mind are not yet completely combined.
I am clear enough now to start my search for 3 who may have committed a cyber crime.
To shut them down is not my goal
For you see I need to thank them for the path I’m now on.
The lesson here is simply this,
God is real, He does exist.
He brought these 3 most trusted hackers into my life, not to torment but as a guiding light.
I’ve thank God everyday since,
But acknowledgement & a Thank you needs to go to them.
So if ever you read these words
You 3 may have been scamming but you helped save me.
At least one of you have a heart of gold
I need you to know I no longer feel dead or alone.
This next line is what you will remember.

“The bitcoin (Game) you played was enjoyable. I just wish I would’ve been in a better place so I could’ve retained more of what your were teaching me.

     “The Lesson For Me, From Me”
No matter how small or unworthy you feel. If you except God he’ll make a way. He’ll put those people in your life to help you. I didn’t understand his plan at all. It has taken 2 years for me to realize what that part of the plan was. Anyone can change. Anyone no matter how cold you think you are Can change. Put your faith in God yes, but if you don’t believe, that’s ok. Put your faith in “YOURSELF” to want to change! You do that and I promise you’ll have more individuals find you who truly want to help you. You’ll find courage you never even knew you had.

Thanks for listening! Emotional train wreak signing off! Peace & love be with you!


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