Rise & Fall

The Rise & Fall”

Oceans rise as mountains fall

Cities crumble in the wake of it all

Flowers once bloomed 

They showed their brilliant colors

Now lay dormant 

Beneath our mother’s covers


The fires burn wild 

Out on the desert floor

Out past the forest 

Where the trees are no more


The air has become dense

It is not easy to bare

We’re all being suffocated

By the chemicals they share


We all have become blind

Obviously to the facts

That this life we created

Is not the right path


The paper we value holds no value at all

It’s just a way to control us 

So they do not fall


We are no different 

Than our ancestors were before

Our civilization will crumble

It will pave way for much more


The outsiders are coming 

Their coming once more

Their coming to start fresh

What they started before


To reset the clocks back 

Back to day one

When life was as pure

As the rising sun


They’ll come for our children

They’ll come for us all

There’s no place to hide

No place at all


Cover your windows

Barricade your doors

Load that single shot shotgun

Before they get to your door


Our weapons are useless 

This we will find

Our minds are our weakness

And will be our decline


The devil has come

That’s what we’ll say

But God allows it

Before our mother’s decay



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