Darkness inspires the light’s desires

You cannot have happiness,
Without sorrow in your heart.
You cannot live a great life,
Without first falling apart.

You cannot find an ending,
If you never even start.
You cannot find the light,
Without walking through the dark.

This is where the line lives,
Between the living and the dead.
You have to breach them both,
Or you’ll always be in your head.

Life will always be, uncertain,
Like the rainbow I’ve spoke about.
And the light could not exist,
If the darkness, Never, came about.

The dead, do walk among us,
Feeling hopeless and ashamed.
While the living, dance around us,
Embracing the past, that they claim.

Failure is not a burden,
But a lesson we all need to learn.
Success is not about the money,
But rather, the life we all deserve.

So invoke the darkness to join you,
Show God your not afraid.
Let the darkness guide you, to your prize,
Which is the light that awaits.


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