Thine Hands

Sun hung high in a forgotten sky,
While walking, through the pouring rain.

Lies upon lies begin to unwind,
Realizing, the truth you forseen.

Happiness floating on bubbles in sight,
But somehow, just out of reach.

So how can I define, this moment in time,
If my mind refuses to see.

My heart steps up, to take a shot,
At interpreting this emotional haze.

It begins to whisper, to the mind,
In a soothing but provocative way.

Casting out doubts,that will forever mount
The blocks that shield a broken heart.

Replacing the sad, with a reinforced glad,
A sensation I lost from the start.

Now reaching up high, for thine hand,
As the bubbles begin to pop.

Happiness was there,
My mind was just scared.

Thank you God!
For showing you care.


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