My hidden world

Sadness reaches further
Than the shores of the island’s heart
Stretching outward thru the banks
Inward, where the rivers start

Population of the mainland
That, I do not know
But sadness spreads like,”wildflowers”
Past the shores of,”I told you so”

My forest once held vegetation
That was green and full of life
Flowers once blossomed there
The aroma serene and nice

Life was almost perfect
Everyday was bright & new
Until the fateful day, heartache came,
And it broke the island into

Quakes of mass destruction
Swallowed happiness deep within
Trees collapsed on the spot
Flower lost their grins

Hope was never given
A chance to run for cover
It remains trapped in the abyss
Alone without its lover

Joy remains hopeful
Clinging for its life
Upon mount envious
With jealous by its side

On that day,
The 10th cold day
In December you shared the news
That shook like a quake
It took away
I knew


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