Tomorrow’s Rainbow

Yesterday had to happen
For the clouds to move in today
Though the rain may come down later
Tomorrow’s rainbow may lead the way

I can not stop the storms from coming
For God has a plan, all of his own
But I can change my view, to realize
It’s ok to dance in the rain alone

If time is what we have in life
To cherish all with love
Then the days of gloom & muddy roads
Are also gifts given from he who loves

For a rainbow is never certain
But it could come all the same
Don’t live for the dark and gloomy
For tomorrow’s rainbow could forever stay


8 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Rainbow

    1. So In your opinion should I keep it positive? I like to write about so much. But sometimes I feel that I’m better with the positive. What so you honestly think?


      1. Oh, I found erotica got more views and readers, but I seldom write erotica because it’s not something I experience or write much. In another word, the blessing of blogging is that I write my preferred content. 😉


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