Bitterness lingers in the autumn air

Fate has left a bitterness lingering
In the autumn air.
The sky, now stained,
like a sheet of glass as dusk draws near. Children bundled in their armor of feathery coats,
“mothers yelling! it’s time for them to go.”
I’m perched,
fixated on brick and mortar that once held your belongings within.
Now as empty as the vessel that held your vitals in.
Death comes, it comes for us all
it takes us all by the hand.
Those who remain though,
They remain frozen, stuck in the sand.
This being where I find myself
as the color changing mosaic above me
begins fading beneath the land.
I am cursed,
he took you because of me.
I became to content,
happiness filled every shadowed crevice
of my darken void
so to spite me
He took away my love, my Joy.
I have prayed to God
I have spoken with the Holy spirit
I have ask for forgiveness before my day turns to night
Vengeance, however is in my heart
As he is on my mind
The darkness that now consumes me
Is darker than the day has become
LA Luna ashamed of his treachery
And his thirst for blood
I’ll creep through the shadows
Lurking through the dark of night
Till I find his hideous soul
By now I’m sure it’s buried
within another vessel
I’ve been given one night
The time at dusk till dawn
He cannot hide
not from the gifts that were given
By the ancient one
I have made a pact
My vengeance for my life
His death ironically becomes my own
But with my death our soul reunite
We both shall return home.


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