What I’ve learnt about life

I use to sit and wonder
What life was all about
Spent my days & nights
Wandering all around
Is it about the enjoyment
When I was playing like a child
To use my imagination
To know It’s all worthwhile
To know I was truly loved
When my momma tucked me in
Playing with my father
Then he huged me with a grin
Then the moment came, When life
Wasn’t fun anymore
I got a taste of death
It left me crippled on the floor
Sorrow moved in
Like a storm to the west
The death of my grandmother
Broke my heart, that lies in my chest
Then growing older,anger & envy came about
It fueled my life for many years
Until I decided just to kick them out
Happiness is wholesome
Sorrow is never good
Jealousy is dangerous
Hatred Itself; is just an awful word
By no means am I the wisest, man around
But I think it’s just about living
And enjoying all that life offers
Even, when the rain is coming down


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