Pale Gray Rider

You say your hope has depleted
Delusions you can no longer bare
But if you slip
Death could come find you
He could find you completely unaware

Don’t pray to pale gray horseman
Don’t pray for your life to end

For Death sits on his skeleton horse
Who rides in the scarce winds
He waits in the darkest shadows
He waits with decorum and a grin

Please don’t pray for the pale horseman
Though your delusions you cannot bare

The fire that once raged inside you
Is now glowing red Ambers instead
Ashes floating and scattered
Of the life you once had

Now praying for Death to take you
To the realm that’s hidden from man

Death travels through all dimensions
On the back of his boney friend
Draped in the cloak of destiny
A reaper’s staff in one of his hands

His touch is not like the touch of midas
His touch pulls your soul out, from within

So be careful of what you pray for
A wish that can be granted by Death
Midas turn all to gold
Your soul is gold to him


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