Death pulls the strings

So just to give whoever reads this a heads up. It’s not very optimistic.

So being in a mood, an ominous mood I was in Today. I decided to leave my comfort zone and explore the opposite side of my imagination. It may be intense but I do hope you enjoy.

“Death pulls the string”

Alluring thoughts
Come at the clocks latest hour
Sanity chased its dream
To regain its power
Madness creeping to take back control
As I walk down the wooden hall alone
Bugs are in my mind, scratching, bitting,
Raven plucking at my eye, while chanting
Die, Die, Die
God must be sleeping
For if he knew what the Angel makes me do
He would remove the madness
That oozing goo that’s clogging my mind
Walking down the street in the night
Face only exposed in the light
Palms to forehead, slapping
Trying to regain rationality
Delusions of my sin to come
Fighting, trying to turn around and run
Madness found my sanity
Raven eating, there is no remedy
I’m the puppet, Death pulls my strings
I need to cut them, I’ll go the extreme
Knife to wrist, cutting,
Blood now flowing, conscious slipping,
Light is fading, Death….
You can have me

R.K.H 10/09/2021

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