Psilocybe Cubensis

Waiting for the moon to blossom
And the stars to shine
Waiting for life to slow
To enjoy my quiet time

Waiting for its magic to bloom
The psilocybe cubensis
Should start working soon

This is it
The time has come
It’s time to climb the setting sun
The rabbit has chosen to join in too
He’s about to jump the blue lagoon

Fuzzy rainbows colored in pinks,
Yellows, and blues
Talking rocks and a fat racoon

What is this I see
Jumping from star to star
It’s the illusive singing minotaur
Light the way beautiful one
We can wait together for the morning sun

Pillars made of liquid gold
I’m walking on invisible stones
Marshmallow mountains and laughing trees
With the sunset snuggled in right behind me

The moon pops up
Like an inflatable ballon
It winks and smiles
Then says;
‘How do you do?’

Orbs of light suspended in the air
Gives way to a path that leads nowhere
Owls of wisdom speak the truth
With my rabbit friend beside me
We decide to go on through

Deeper and deeper down the path
We made it to the invisible door at last
Where’s the key I asked my friend
His ear changed shape as he stuck it in

Into the hall of lights and sounds
Followed by zany creatures of cartoon Town
We passed the ball made of gas
Through another door we made a left

Back outside the moon was gone
The trip now ends
As the morning comes

One last burst on this crazy train
One last thought in my tired brain
As my fuzzy friend begins to fad
As reality begins to make a way
A thought comes to me as clear as day
What the Hell, Will I do today


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