I’m Feeling Defeated

Feeling Defeated”

How can one be lonely
When billions live on earth
There’s five, ten, or even 100
To each and every one of us
So how can one be lonely
There’s people all around
It only takes a second
To help a stranger
So find someone
Who’s standing close
Strike up a conversation
Take your time, you might find
That you can bridge the separation
So how can I be so damn lonely
When there’s people all around
I might be scared,but I do care
I suffer from the inside out
I’ve known this all along
And I’m well aware of the
Friends I could’ve found
Once again I feel defeated
Alone, with a tear in my eye
I can’t fight back this feeling
That there’s more, in this life
Day has now ended
Sleeps on its way
I’ll try with courage tomorrow
To make a friend and say “Hey”


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