Halloween stories #2

The Bunny Man

The legend of the Fairfax County Bunny Man originates in the 1970s, in Virginia and involves a man dressed in a bunny suit attacking people with an axe. One version of the legend states that during a transfer from a mental facility in the early 1900s, one of the inmates escaped. During the search, hundreds of skinned rabbits, as well as a human body, were found strung from the trees in the nearby woods. The police corner the inmate at the Colchester rail junction, but he is struck by a train. Every Halloween holiday
saw the reappearance of rabbit carcasses emerge around the railroad area. The Bunny Man was reported to be Douglas J. Grifon, in the mental institution for killing his wife and children, but subsequent research showed no records of Douglas. Even so, this legend has seen the Colchester overpass become an attraction for ghost hunters and curiosity seekers..

Writen by:Jane Gips November 23 2017 in Society

The Bunny Man

Fingers pushing
Weak and weary
Keep on writing
Make it scary
Bunnies hopping
Till they don’t
Find them hanging
Cut their throats
Train is coming
Down the rail
Bunny Man standing
Oh so still
Waiting for the children
To come and play
Takes their skin
And soul away
Make it through
This one night a year
Go live your life
With a brand new fear


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