She Sings A Beautiful Song

So you think that life as dealt you,
A hand that isn’t quite fair.
It’s left you feeling hopeless,
And completely unaware.
But I think life is like music,
And we’re all just dancing along.
It has its own rhythm,
And it sings such a beautiful song.
But still you sit and wallow,
You claim the beat, you cannot hear.
But are you truly listening,
To the melody she sings without fear.
She sings about the darkness,
That intrudes our precise lives.
She sings about the light,
That warms our hearts and our minds.
She sings about all the rest,
That makes up the In-between,
She never sets the player,
To pause or to repeat.
So when you think life is going,
In a direction you do not dare.
Take her by the hand, enjoy her flow,
And do it without your fear.
You may find, that life is so much more,
Than a race that needs to be won,
Or the reflection you see in a lake, Beneath the falling sun.


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