Conversing with a madman

Consciousness speaks

Oh to hold dear the thoughts, and the beliefs that have been instilled. Yes I fear without my love beside me I am in great danger. A mutany has been put in place, and to hide like a coward is not
what I am. I shall face my foe with courage. I’ll run my blade through,
Though to accomplish this I must,
I must set a trap. To lore myself
Out of his haven. The monster will ither obey or be bound back into the dungeon from which he came. I am not heartless, I am not thoughtless, or emotionless to his needs. Nor will I ever be. I only seek peace. Peace of mind, which has become my mind not his. He chose his path, he chose to run and hide. He gave up What now belongs to me and I have no intents on giving it back. Long live the king, long live the king. Those chants are mine. They are not for him. I know the outside world looks at this as I’m the bad guy but this world I have created is for him. My friend is not, nor will he ever be ready to live in such a world. I protect him and will always protect him. I make the tough decisions. Even if I have to chain him back up. This world I’ve created for him. It’s not for me. I see reality for what it is. He does not, he feels that people are genuine and I know that’s not the way. These walls were built to keep out the enemy. He lives within these walls.


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