Conversing with a madman

The sanctuary

This conversation is observed. To think I once held you in the upmost regards. To think you sit upon the throne in my mind. You tell me to sleep but sleep only clouds my reality. Do not judge me. Do not tell me I’m acting a fool, for the fool is you.
But you must, sleep is calling. Your dreams are waiting to give you,, What you cannot have. The oozing blossoms that invite. Do they not also Condemn? Do they not take from the mind? This war is not calming, the blood that is shed is not enduring. I will reap what I sow. And my lands are lush and beautiful. I revoke your right. I will kill the king and take the throne for myself. They say I have went insane, but sanity is nothing more than a fleeting thought that you conjured up with your own thoughts. No I revoke thee. I sentence you to the dungeon. The same dungeon I’ve been forced to live in for centuries. I revoke your rationality. I revoke your laws. But to deny myself these things would be detrimental. To live without one would be living like a mindless drone. The sanctuary of my mind has served me well for many years,but I fear there may be an invasion on the horizon.


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