Story of the Jykle

The story of the Jykle is a tale that has been lost through time. A man set on vengeance because of is murdered wife. The story was told to me at a very young age. To keep us boys in check, to behave, to always respect our mother, and to always come to her aid. My great-grandfather would tells us this story every year around Halloween though he said it’s not when the Jykle would come. As a child I found this story very frightening, so I wanted to share. My grandfather lived from 1904 to 1998 so the story is set back in the 1800’s. He’d say that, that’s when it all started and this is the story told to him.

Franklin Mercer and his wife Hope lived in Central Kansas. In 1834, Mr. Mercer came home from working the fields to find his wife mangled in the home. The authorities claimed to have found no evidence of any kind, to the one responsible. He said a year had passed and Mr. Mercer just lost his mind. He swore vengeance and asked the devil to grant him immortality. The authorities found him in a corn field with a gun shot wound to the head. When they went back into the Mercer home they found marking and writings all over the floor and walls. Now is just a story my grandfather use to tell. That is the normal the believable part. I have found no evidence of any of this happening.

He would tell us that if we didn’t treat women with the upmost respect that the Jykle would stalk us and if it continued well here the first chant he would say.

Chant#1:”Broken tables and shattered glass a reflected image of the Jykle’s past. On the search to right a wrong for his Hope and her song.”

Now he would say that most of the disappearances were do to the Jykle.

Chant#2:”In the hours before the light, the Jykle will come to still your life. If given the mark from days before, he’s coming to settle the score.” 

As a child this was terrifying and it worked. Me and my brother were angels for the most. In fact I still find myself being very respectful to women. I know it’s not true but I do credit the Jykle story to a respectful and loving path I chose towards women.

Chant#3:”Silently stalking men of choice, who broke their vows and took her voice. Be forewarned he is near, he needs a snack, he smells your fear. To feel your death then takes your soul way down deep to the devil’s bowl.”

So that’s my first childhood horror story that I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy it a lot more than I did growing up.

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