In the forrest of metal trees
Tribes they sleep beneath the leaves
In the shadows of forgotten ways
They forage throughout the days
Wearing armor made of cloth
They race to find what they’ve lost
In search of memories from the past
Days gone by they can never get back
Some in search of fortune and fame
For others though its not the same
In the forrest, is where they’ll remain
Until death comes and makes her claim
Some succeed in their wayward journey
Others get lost, burnt, and buried
Seeking shelter from the cold
In huts not made from rock or stone
But still the warriors struggle on
To live here though the days have gone
Yes in the forrest of metal trees
Their is a tribe beneath the leaves
Some are young and some are old
Some will make it, Some will go,
Some will fake it, still it shows
The struggle is real for those
Who live down below.


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