Fair Lady

The moonlight dances in her arms.
In her bossom, she holds the stars.
A mirrored image of the Cresent moon,
Where her seeded heart waits to bloom.
My fair lady, of earth and wind,
Who let’s the fire burn within.
She controls the time, before the dawn.
Dancing and singing her joyful songs.
Twinkle twinkle beautiful one,
Why are you frightened of the rising sun?
He sees your pain, behind your smile,
The fear you hide,
Why it’s all worthwhile.
The angels kissed your precious cheek.
The sun still looks for you,
But your never seen.
Pearl like diamonds,
Gems in the sea,
Close your beautiful eyes,
And it’s him that you’ll see.
A love that’s everlasting,
That time cannot touch.
Loving him,
Is to love everyone.


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