I believe I have found Love
Not a romance one longs for
In the setting where the city towers are lit and the skyline glows so profoundly
Where one meets another and the universe’s energy flows and the two respond with a spark
No my love is complicated
It may be selfish and pity
For I found Love hidden in a reflection
The same reflection I’ve witnessed for many years in the rippling waters of the park
I can feel the emotions growing happiness soaring and the colors are bright and beautiful
I believe I have found Love
And as he stares back at me I know he feels it too
I believe I have found Love in me, for me
The expansion of emotions overflowing will effect the world
I left that little boy in a locked room with a single light
That boy is me and the me that has now grow into a man
A man who has never strayed from the dignity of the light the love the compassion for all things
But I feel it now were before i felt alone floating in the middle of life’s grand ocean
Love is masterful it hides until it’s time to expose the beholder to things not yet seen
Yes I’m in love
I love me and what I have become
I love me and the one I’ve yet to see.


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