I belive this qualifies as a senryu

mystic mountain overview
Preparing table
Tribe to tribe in unity

So this is my 1st attempt with any kind of structure to my poems. This is only my 2nd attempt with a haiku or senryu.

Thank you Colleen for your help.


11 thoughts on “Unity

  1. So, you used the link from the challenge post as your title. We can’t access your post. Go in and edit your post with a title. Then, we can click on the post. I can’t access your blog from the link you added because this is what it says: “2-blank-thoughts.wordpress.com doesn’t exist: The address 2-blank-thoughts.wordpress.com cannot be registered. Site names can only contain lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers. But you can sign up and choose another one.” I didn’t get an email from you.

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  2. So here’s an easy way to remember the difference between haiku and senryu: Haiku is usually about nature. Senryu is about human nature (the human’s response to the world around them). I think this is perfectly fine for a first-time senryu. And, I like how you give us two thought images. Well done. The more you work with these forms, the more you will like them. They are almost like word puzzles. Cheers to you for a lovely poem. ❤


      1. LOL! I break everything down to the smallest bits of information. No fluff words helps to get the message across. In haiku and senryu, you are sharing a specific moment in time. It’s like a snap shot. Think of two things that contrast or compare, but somehow join together to give us that Oh WOW, moment. On my author blog, I share a daily haiku. I’m behind, but these might help you: https://colleenchesebro.com/category/poetry/daily-haiku/. ❤

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