The world is a pearl,
We’re all just bits of sand.
Clinging tightly to our shelter,
Inside the giant clam.
There’s more to it all,
Much more than what we see.
We all play a part in exposing
The pearl’s inner beauty.
While in search of love and laughter.
While searching for your own.
Remember that our pearl is alive,
And it’s dreaming on its own
It shelters us from the ocean
It keeps us from plunging down,
Into the abyss of darkness,
That lives all around.
And just like in the ocean,
There’s millions of other clams,
And if they open their galaxy,
You might find their,
Pearl within.


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      1. I also think there is much beauty in poetry whose meaning can be difficult to discern initially, it makes the reader have to really think about what is being said with words that aren’t necessarily all that clear. I think your writing style is good.

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