Beautiful Tyrant

I can see the door
It is not locked, nor is it closed
But to leave this dungeon is impossible
For my chains are strong
These chains that bind us are not made by man, but by something much more sinister
Oh but I long to be free
Free from the dying heart
Free from the abstract paintings that confine every beat and every thought
Love did not mislead me, my own swollen desire for love was my conductor
I’ve seen  the love that could be
A love so pure
It could kill the hate in any heart
A love so Luring
That I
Have become the fly in the web of fate
Oh to be free
I have requested death’s presence
But she also mocks me
She tramples on what is left
She’s leaves me with a stillness
A shortness of breathe
But she never takes me
She says my fate is not to die
But to find the strength within the mind where the Devine resides
So I wait and I wait
Not to parish but to find a key that will unlock the clasps that restrict my freedom
No I will not parish
So I wait

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