Did you ever feel the way i did it all

Rubbing your skin with mine. Fused me like honey, when it loses all the forces in water.

A big flash and I’m back in that hole I’ve dug to hide. I closed my eyes against the hot air and sweaty forehead. the past me, it rises. I’m sitting on my ghost. I feel the tears on her face regretting meeting herself.

Why is everything slipping away?

Why do I break away?

I reach through time and whisper to her”

This is just a cycle, you haven’t seen anything yet”

I’m waiting for you at your favorite cafe as usual as I am always supposed to. But after realizing the fact that I’m trash to you. I saw you with her thinking maybe, just maybe you can feel what I’m feeling. Maybe you guys are “just friends”

Would you do the same if I tell you your actions are hurting? I wonder if your gifts were just for compensation. I probably should’ve known this better. I look like a mass of dead sweaty bodies of people eating and laughing and not thinking how heartbroken they are. My mind is on repeat “Was I worth it to you?”

Never noticed your red flags but focused on your smooth lips was it what I punished for? and then you called me a slut. Is that how they raised you?or is that what she praised you for? Think about it. Think about what did k bound a fortress. I’ll never be the same. So, I’m cutting my losses.

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