Me’s Diary #3

Do I confess my love to her? This is the question I find myself asking today. Do I tell her that I believe God has put her here for me and me here for her? This excitement is overwhelming but in a good way. The horror of rejection however is is a feeling I’ll could do without.

Maybe a letter explaining my feeling?

“My dear,
I hope my letter finds you well. I hope the weather there is nice.”

No no no that will never do. Maybe a poem well do justice.

“The spring sun paves way for new things,
As life drifts in and out of light.
The doves are searching for their love today, dawn has broke the dreadful night.”

Such profound feelings… but my fear is not so much rejection but rather losing her all together. Is it not better to remain friends? Doesn’t the say go; “if it’s not broke don’t fix it.”

Maybe I should just hold it in a little longer. At least for today. Tomorrow however is a new day. Maybe I’ll confess then.

Thanks for the ear diary

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