Me’s Diary

“I know some day I’ll have a beautiful life Surrounded by nothing but love
But I don’t want the world to see
It might jeopardize who I am”

I don’t think we ever intend on becoming who we are. I think it just happens. We all go through s#*t. We are all damaged and have a great desire to fix what we believe to be broken. But maybe we not broke at all though. Maybe we’re just mislead and misunderstood. God has a plan. His plan we may not know but maybe we’re not the F#*@ed up ones. Maybe the ones who are tell us how to feel, the ones who are on a constant pursuit of controlling us. Maybe their the problem not us. Maybe we are the way we are because this world needs change and we’re all put here by God  to do exactly that. “Change” Why do we constantly feel bad for the way we feel? As far as I can tell “LOVE” is the only path. You can be a chatty Kathy behind my back. That’s ok with me. You can put me down you can tell me how I’m not good enough and how I never will be. That’s ok. I’ll not quit or give up. I may have made the choices and decision in my life. I’ll take responsibility for them.
And I know my story is nowhere near being finished. But change its the responsibility of every individual not just a handful. Everyone could make one positive change in their lives to better everyone else. Perceptions, opinions, beliefs.

“See life for what it could be. Stop living the way it appears to be”

Thanks and sorry for rambling.

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