Me’s Diary #2

Why do we separate ourselves from one another. We start defining one another by the countries we live in. This country is bad, oh that country does this or that, and my country is the best.

If you look inside each border you find the same things. Men against other men, men against women, women against women. It’s  sad really. So many people live in hate, fear, jealousy all because we’re afraid to embrace someone that has more or less or even because yes indeed they have a skill their better at than you.

The worst though is thinking your better than someone else because of the race their culture or gender.

Generation after generation has been and is being taught to hate. I honestly believe this hate will be our undoing if we can’t change.

I guess I just don’t understand. I know each culture is different but that’s the beauty of it. To love new experiences. To live life for more than just yourself. To know its not just cultures it’s every individual in the world. We’re all different. I may live in the same place but that doesn’t mean we think alike. That doesn’t your your doing to agree with me. It doesn’t means I have to agree with you either.

Maybe one day diary I’ll be able to write that we’re all starting to see the importance of one another. Mayne I’ll get to write that God’s love and God’s plan is  finally starting to show. Until then I’ll pray for the world. I’d gladly give all he promises to me to rest of the world.

Thanks and I can’t apologize this time.
I pray that everyone can find peace with change.

Your Friend “Me”

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